Nashville Neighborhoods

Nashville Neighborhoods

New to Nashville? Still learning the difference between East Nashville, The Gulch, Cool Springs & Midtown? Here’s a quick overview to help you find the best areas to consider buying a new home that fits your needs.

Downtown Nashville

“Ask any downtown resident what the advantages of urban living are – and you get as many different answers as there are residents! But there is a common theme – people enjoy being where the action is. Downtown living offers easy access to exciting sports and entertainment venues…over 175 restaurants within easy walking distance of home…and great skyline views. Plus, if you live and work downtown, a five-minute walk may replace your daily commute.” From Nashville Downtown

East Nashville

“Broadly speaking it’s all of Nashville east of Downtown bound by the Cumberland River, I-24/65, and Briley Parkway. (This definition is frequently used by newscasters in reference to crime, and real estate agents borrowing the ‘East Nashville’ buzz)
Narrowly speaking, it can mean just the east side of Gallitan Rd south of Douglas (Edgefield, Lockeland Springs, East End, Eastwood Neighbors and Shelby Hills neighborhood).” – from

What’s so great about East Nashville? Its diversity and its liveability.

  • Walkable, bikeable
  • Front porch culture
  • Urban and green
  • Small town feel inside a big city
  • Cost of living

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Green Hills

Green Hills is one of the Nashville’s more affluent areas, often chosen by residents who don’t wish a long commute to downtown businesses and three area universities – Vanderbilt, Belmont and Lipscomb Universities (all of which are within a 5-minute drive). The Bluebird Cafe, a famous live music venue, is located on Hillsboro Road in Green Hills. Major private educational institution in Green Hills include Lipscomb University and its associated elementary and high schools. Another is Harpeth Hall School, a prestigious girls’ high school.


Hillsboro Village

“Historic charm and personal attention make the “Village” a very special place. Bounded by active and successful neighborhoods, this area will remind you of days when everyone traded with neighbors in shops close to home.” “The Village is a great place to congregate with friends, over cocktails, artisan breads and pastries, locally-brewed beer, and coffee roasted right in Nashville.” from

12 South District

The 12South Neighborhood is generally referred to as areas adjacent to 12th Avenue South between Wedgewood Avenue and Gale Lane. “One of Nashville’s newest neighborhoods, 12South is the up-and-coming place to live and socialize. With the city investing in sidewalks and street lighting, 12South has begun to take shape over the last several years. You can grab coffee, score some new guitar strings, stock up on garden mulch, and grab a bite to eat all in the course of an afternoon on foot.
” from


“One of Nashville’s historic neighborhoods is bringing people closer to town to live and play. Germantown, so named because of the influx of German immigrants in the mid nineteenth- century, was Nashville’s first suburb. The district is one of Nashville’s most architecturally heterogeneous neighborhoods, containing a significant concentration of Victorian building styles. It has been designated as a city Arboretum by the Nashville Tree Foundation because there are more than 100 species of trees in the area. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1979, the neighborhood is now being restored to its original grandeur.” from

Sylvan Park

“Southwest of downtown Nashville lies the quaint and quiet neighborhood of Sylvan Park, a beautiful setting with homes and businesses that run the gamut from funky to upscale. Here, 1920s clapboard homes and 1930s stone bungalows look right at home together.” from


“Every city seems to have a “midtown,” and Nashville is no exception. This bustling neighborhood, extending up Broadway and Division Street, is home to a variety of hotels, restaurants, and bars that come alive at night” from

The Gulch

“Nashville’s historic Gulch District, with its distinct industrial history, originally housed the downtown railroad terminal. From the turn of the century until the 1950s, more than 100 trains arrived and departed from The Gulch daily.

Today, the Gulch District has developed into a hotspot for young urbanites. The Gulch has perfectly combined its industrial background with a modern contemporary style. Old warehouses have been renovated into residential and office space, and upscale restaurants and a vibrant nightlife have made The Gulch the hottest new neighborhood in Nashville.” from

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